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Service Calls For High Water Use

High Water Consumption:
If you were notified about high water consumption and you aren't aware of any plumbing problems, please call our office to set up an appointment with our service representative.  Our new water meter technolgy provides reports on hourly water use information. This information is a very good tool to help with leak detection. We will do everything we can to help you find out what is leaking.

A main misconception is that the meter will run fast causing the water consumption to have an inflated reading.  Your water meter has a mechanism inside that causes the meter to lock up if it tries to speed up.  Most meters  run a little slow because they accumulate mineral deposits inside them over time.

Leaking faucets and plumbing joints usually use around 20 gallons of water per day.

Leaking toilets are the leading cause of high water usage problems.

  • If your toilet continues to run long after you flush it, it will use the same amount of water that you would be using by turning on a water faucet and leaving it running.  We have seen monthly water bills increase by 30,000 gallons, or more, per month due to a "running" toilet.
  • There are also silent toilet leaks that will cause the  water usage to increase.

Meter Problems 

The City will do free maintenance and repair/replacement on all meter problems if the damage isn't caused by the customer.  The property owner is responsible for maintaining the fittings that connect the meter to the water line.


The average amount of water it takes for different uses are listed in the chart below.  This will help you determine an estimated amount of water your household may use.

 Water Use                   Regular Fixtures                     Water Saving Fixtures

Shower                        7 gallons per minute               2.5 gallons per minute

Bath                            28-36 gallons for full tub      

Running Faucet          3 gallons per minute               2 to 2.5 gallons per minute

Washing Machine      40-55 gallons per load             18-25 gallons per load

Dishwasher                 15 gallons per load                

Toilet                          6 gallons per flush                  1.6 gallons per flush

Hand Dishwashing     3 gallons per minute               2.2 gallons per minute         

Water Service Leaks
Do you have a puddle of water sitting on your property that won't go away?  Is your water pressure not as good as it used to be? A leak in your water service line (the pipe that connects your home plumbing to the water main) may be causing this.

Who is responsible for fixing a service leak?

  • If the leak is on a commercial property the property owner is responsible for the repair.
  • If the leak is on a residential property:
    • The property owner is responsible for all leaks between the house and the stop box.
    • The City is responsible for all leaks that are between the stop box and the water main.
Stop Box Repairs
The stop box is used to shut water off and is usually located at the edge of your property.  Many stop boxes are old and no longer operable. 

Who is responsible for the Stop Box repair?

1.  For residential properties, the City of Jacksonville is responsible for doing the repair.
2.  For commercial properties, the property owner is responsible for doing the repair.

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