Nichols Park Dining Halls

The open-air, screened-in dining halls are available to rent April through October.  Located on the south side of the Park, four sections in each of the two buildings can be individually rented at $50.00 per section through the City Clerk's Office.

Each section will accommodate 75 people and has a sink with running water, picnic tables, and electrical outlets available.  NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED IN DINING HALLS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SERVICE ANIMALS.  NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED IN THE DINING HALLS OR THE PARK.

Please contact the City Clerk's Office at (217) 479-4613 to inquire about reservations.  No rental agreement is necessary, however we ask that payment be made within five (5) days of booking the facility.

For your reference and for those with young children, Dining Hall #4 is closest to the playground area and offers a great view.

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Nichols Park Dining Halls   Nichols Park Dining
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